The programs listed below are only a snapshot of the many activities that we offer. Please check our calendar to view the wide variety of events offered each month.


The Gangplank Junior FIRST LEGO League seeks to train the next generation of engineers by getting them excited about robotics, programming and problem-solving at an early age. The competition takes place in December each year, with training beginning in February or March. To learn more about the competition, visit the FLL homepage.

Jr Journalism Program

The Gangplank Jr Journalism Program seeks to build upon kids’ natural curiosity, teaching kids to use their powers of observation to inform others. Participants will learn the importance of the first amendment, how to write different types of stories such as news and feature, podcasting, video as well as create a working news site as the final product.

The Gangplank Jr Journalism Program takes place over 9-weeks, beginning July 9th. Meetings will take place each Saturday at 2:00pm. Kids must attend at least five of the meetings in order to participate in the ‘First Issue’ workshop in September. After the workshop, participants will write regular monthly updates for their news site.


DangerScouts seeks to put the danger back in childhood. Events and meetings are geared towards exploiting kids natural curiosity, without any barriers. All activities are facilitated and supervised by adult leaders. Currently there is no charge to join the program, however certain activities may require a fee to participate (i.e. rock climbing, outdoor trips).


9 Responses to Programs

  1. Michelle Capriotti says:

    Interested in getting my kids involved- how do I begin?

    • Mike Benner says:

      We will be starting up again in January with open call to all kids. The 2nd Sunday in January will be the first meeting of the new year from 1-3pm at Gangplank in Chandler.

      • Natalie Whitlock says:

        Same question, but for 2013. Are there “Danger scouts?” Can we still get into the Lego league? Thanks!

        • slarson says:

          We are putting together the First Lego League that will start in March. We will post how you can get involved soon!!

          Dangerscouts are still on hiatus until we can find a good leader.

  2. Michelle Capriotti says:

    How do I begin to get my kids involved?

  3. beth says:

    Looking for info about First Lego League and DangerScouts for 2013. Would love to join both. Maybe even help with leadership.

  4. Angela N. says:

    We would love a current calendar of events – your activities all look like fun!

    • dneighbors says:

      We are revamping our online calendars. In the meantime if you subscribe to the mailing list in form to the right on the website you will get notified of upcoming events.

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