Book Club

Grown-ups shouldn’t be the ones having all the fun.

Led by Gangplank Jr members, the book club chooses a unique title each month geared toward a different age range, from 7-15, though all children are welcome to attend any of the book club meetings. We will post the reading grade-level of each titles, as well as caution parents for any strong language or themes.

January’s book title is ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer‘ by Mark Twain and is suggested for grades 5 and up.

The club will meet Saturday, January 15th at 2pm.

This irresistible tale of the adventures of two friends growing up in frontier America is one of Mark Twain’s most popular novels. The farcical, colorful, and poignant escapades of Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn brilliantly depict the humor and pathos of growing up on the geographic and cultural rim of nineteenth-century America. (256 pages)

Past Selections:
Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli
Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech
Three of Diamonds by Anthony Horowitz
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

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