Elementary, Middle School and High School educational institutions continue to slash budgets for the arts and sciences and focus more and more on standardized testing. Universities lead this trend, enforcing rote memory learning instead of inspiring students to succeed through exploration and failure.

Gangplank Junior exists to allow students to learn and explore with the freedom to fail. We take education back to its roots, encouraging real world, hands on learning with experienced professionals. Here, students have the opportunity to learn directly from the people in the trenches, those cutting new paths in the creative and technical fields. No tests, no techniques that only help a student succeed on one particular assignment, Gangplank Jr encourages children to use their imaginations to problem solve, create solutions and implement them, without the pressure of performance.

In addition to educating our youth in the arts and sciences, Gangplank Jr promotes overall child development. We believe a healthy child works harder and can more easily stay in step with their peers. As a result, we host activities that keep kids active and promote healthy lifestyle choices at a young age


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  1. Anne Aberbach says:

    Hi. I was given the name of this group because I have a 15 year old finishing 9th grade who is very interested in the ins and outs of gaming. Can you direct me to some good resources? It doesn’t look lile I am in the right place. Am i?? Thanks.

  2. Janina Walters says:

    Hi! I just read about this program in a magazine and it is something my 10 year old son would LOVE to be involved in! How can I get more information and what are the details on joining? Thanks!!

    • Mike Benner says:

      We will be starting up again in January with open call to all kids. The 2nd Sunday in January will be the first meeting of the new year from 1-3pm at Gangplank in Chandler.

  3. Phil says:

    How can I sign up my children? Heard about the event yesterday. This sounds great! Thanks.

  4. Johanna Studnicka says:

    My 14 year old son is highly gifted in computers. (Programming, game design, building computers etc)0)
    Do you offer anything that would challenge him?

    • dneighbors says:


      We are putting together some programming that would be relevant for him. In the meantime we have open hack days every Wednesday evening.


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