Experiments and rocket launches

The last Gangplank Jr. event was a rousing success with over 30 kids joining us for electrolysis experiments (separating hydrogen and oxygen from water) and launching homemade rockets with pressurized oxygen.

Thank you to Guy who donated his time and skills to teaching the kids about this interesting use of energy. Also, a big thank you to those parents and kids who were patient with everyone when many more people than expected arrived.

We are looking forward to many more Gangplank Jr. projects in the future! Click on the photo to view all photos from the event.

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  1. RT @gangplankjr: http://t.co/tBKy8h3E | Experiments and rocket launches http://t.co/2G4mL6bL

  2. Devon says:

    Great to see a pic of my kid used to showcase Gangplank Jr. We love the programs!

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