Legos, Guitars and Handlebars

Come join us this weekend at Mesa Arts Center’s Guitars and Handlebars Season Kickoff Festival. Along with all of the great activities and live music, Gangplank Jr and Building Bonanza will be there hosting Lego events from 10am-4pm on Saturday and 10am-2pm on Sunday.

If you are already a part of the Gangplank Jr First Lego League, we will be unveiling this season’s mat and challenges.  From 10am-12pm on Saturday, we will assemble the boards for this year and discuss the various tactics we can use to achieve the missions. There will also be a Sumo bot challenge (2-4pm), a large master building session with Building Bonanza and a free robotics build to handle various challenges (12-2pm).

Sunday will start off with First Lego League information for this year’s challenges and a chasis build competition, followed by another master build session from the guys at Building Bonanza.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to excite you, a full size replica of a Harley Davidson will be built from Legos by certified Lego artist Nathan Sawaya over the course of the two days.  Don’t miss out on the family fun at this great event.

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6 Responses to Legos, Guitars and Handlebars

  1. Gangplank Jr says:

    Come join us this weekend: Legos, Guitars and Handlebars

  2. Mike Benner says:

    Come join us this weekend: Legos, Guitars and Handlebars

  3. Dani Cutler says:

    RT @gangplankjr: Come join us this weekend: Legos, Guitars and Handlebars

  4. Gangplank Jr says: | Legos, Guitars and Handlebars

  5. Gangplank Jr says:

    Don't miss out on the great family fun this weekend.

  6. Mike Benner says:

    I will be at Guitars and Handlebars this weekend with @gangplankjr and the First Lego Leaguers, where will you be?

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