Getting Dangerous with Your Kids

Why wait for Gangplank Jr. Events to get crazy and have fun with your kids? There are so many neat events to go to, crafts & experiments you can do together at home. Every week, I will write about something dangerous, fun, wacky, or inspiring for you and your kids to try. There will be events around town, fun science experiments to try at home, great things to observe, and just plain fun things to try with your kids every week for you to check out.


Contests are a great way to get your kids involved, inspired and using their natural creativity! Right now there is a contest underway for kids from grades K-6 who live or go to school in Chandler. The task is for the kids to create a poster surrounding the theme, “Chandler Municipal Airport. Your neighbor for more than 60 years.” This is the 2011 Poster Contest for Chandler AirportDayz on April 16 &17. AirportDayz is a weekend of aviation fun with food, music, displays, rides (for a fee), and an airport history exhibit. How much fun would it be to research planes together online, look at pictures, find the science (physics) behind how planes fly. Then they can research the Chandler Municipal Airport and what kind of planes fly in and out of there. Lastly, let your child’s creativity run wild. The Grand Prize is a flight over Chandler in a Piper Archer or a Great Lakes bi-plane!

Here are all the details:

Entries are due no later than 5:00PM on Friday April 8th. Posters should be no larger than 14 x 22 inches. The judging criteria will be based on incorporation of theme, composition, presentation, technique and subject.
The website below gives you the address where you will turn in your poster, and the entry form. The entry form is on the website as well. There is more great information about AirportDayz as well at

So, here’s to research, art, and creativity!
Good luck kids and most importantly, have some dangerous fun.

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3 Responses to Getting Dangerous with Your Kids

  1. Gangplank Jr says: | Getting Dangerous with Your Kids

  2. Annie says:

    The airport contest sounded like it would have been great fun! Any more recent ideas for getting dangerous with your kids?

    • Mike Benner says:

      I don’t know of any other contests going on right now, but a couple of things that would be fun to go do on the “dangerous” side would be:

      Kids That Rip skateboard camp
      A climbing session at AZ on the Rocks
      The Desert Botanical Garden Flashlight Tour is always fun

      That should get you started. We will get another post together for upcoming events.

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