Legos + Computers = Robots

With a great First Lego League season behind us, it is time again to shake off the dust, replace the batteries and start creating amazing Lego Robots.  That’s right, Gangplank Jr’s Lego Program is starting back up.

If you are can operate a computer, snap Legos together and like to have fun, come out for our Introduction to Mindstorms event on March 6th from 1:00-3:00pm at Gangplank.  We will be covering everything from the the physical sensors to the system used to program the robots.  In Gangplank Jr fashion this is a hands on event, meaning you will have built a working robot by the end of the day.

Look forward to seeing all of you, veterans and new comers alike.

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6 Responses to Legos + Computers = Robots

  1. Gangplank Jr says: | Legos + Computers = Robots

  2. Ellis Carter says:

    RT @gangplankjr: Legos Computers = Robots

  3. Ray Couture says:

    Were do I find info on this Lego league? I have a couple of girls that would be intereseted in seeing what it is about.

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